Netanyahu: Israel Is Building Alliances as an -Intelligence Superpower-

(Jerusalem Post) Gil Hoffman and Herb Keinon - In a briefing with reporters Sunday, Prime Minister Netanyahu said U.S. Secretary of State Kerry had updated him on his meeting in Paris Saturday with PA President Abbas. The prime minister, who has come out against a French initiative for an international Middle East peace conference, said Egyptian President Sisi had expressed an interest in moving forward a regional peace process, which Israel favored. Netanyahu said that countries in the region had a "stake" in the diplomatic process, and that it had a better chance of succeeding if they were involved. Netanyahu explained Israel's strategy of seeking alliances around the world - not as a replacement for that with the U.S., but in addition. "What we see in the world is that the strong survive; the weak do not survive. And the strong build alliances." Israel was building alliances based on the fact that it is an "intelligence superpower." The intelligence Israel has provided other countries prevented a number of attacks around the world, he said.

2016-08-01 00:00:00

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