Iran: The Elephant in the Room

[Philadelphia Inquirer] Rick Santorum - Whether because of its role as the prime sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world - the creator of Hizbullah and the driving force behind Hamas - or as the chief foreign-power obstacle to a peaceful, democratic Iraq, Iran is our greatest national security concern. A consensus has developed that a nuclear-armed Iran would be our greatest national security challenge since the end of the Cold War. The NIE assessment tends to support the consensus that a combination of economic sanctions, diplomacy and support for pro-democracy groups can be effective in getting Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. Since adopting a terror-free investment policy, the Missouri Investment Trust's performance has actually improved, outperforming a benchmark index by a substantial margin. And, last month, despite opposition from California's profit-fixated fund managers, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation to require the state's pension fund - the nation's largest - to divest of companies doing business with Iran.

2007-12-07 01:00:00

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