Israel to UN: Hizbullah Has Turned South Lebanon into a Terror Stronghold

(Ynet News) Itamar Eichner - Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that south Lebanon has been turned into a Hizbullah terror stronghold, during a discussion marking ten years since the Second Lebanon War and UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which ended it. Danon presented an aerial photograph of the Lebanese village of Chaqra marked to show Hizbullah infrastructure in the village. "One out of every three buildings has been appropriated by Hizbullah, and includes rocket launching positions, weapons storage facilities, and more." Resolution 1701 called for having the UN force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) assist the Lebanese government in preventing the entry of weapons into south Lebanon except for those of the Lebanese army. Danon noted that Hizbullah has a larger missile stockpile than all of the European NATO countries combined, with more than 120,000 missiles pointed at Israel. "It is the responsibility of the UN Security Council to get Hizbullah out of south Lebanon," he said.

2016-07-14 00:00:00

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