IDF Unveils New Cyber Defense HQ

(Ynet News) Israel Wulman - Somewhere in central Israel, deep underground, is a 24/7 war room meant to enable the Israel Defense Forces to fully function, even under severe cyber attacks. Even though its direct responsibilities are limited to military networks, the IDF is in close cooperation with civilian cyber bodies - the national cyber warfare HQ in the Prime Minister's Office, the Defense Ministry's cyber HQ (responsible for protecting the ministry's networks, as well as those of military industries), and the Israel Security Agency's cyber HQ (which protects the country's critical infrastructure). Brig. Gen. Danny Bren, the founder of the first cyber defense unit, said, "Israel is the only democratic nation in the world that has enemies who desire its kinetic destruction, who have cybernetic abilities, and who combine these two together into a single operational idea. These enemies are called Iran and Hizbullah."

2016-06-30 00:00:00

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