Hizbullah Suffering from Battle Losses and Banking Restrictions

(Al Arabiya) Joyce Karam - Al-Hayat reported last week that Hizbullah lost 25 members in one round of the recent fighting around Aleppo. According to the report, Hizbullah and pro-Iran proxies are growing furious at Russia for lack of air-cover in that battle. Ever since it announced a partial air withdrawal from Syria, Russia has been noticeably less involved in providing air cover for the battles that involve Hizbullah, IRGC and Afghani mercenaries. Moreover, the fact that Aleppo is 260 km. from Hizbullah's operational base on the Lebanese border has made it a logistical nightmare for Hizbullah. At the same time, Lebanon's Central Bank, against Hizbullah's wishes, has decided to implement and adhere to new U.S. sanctions, so as to prevent the isolation of the whole financial sector. More than 100 accounts affiliated with Hizbullah have been shut down, and its parliamentarians have been receiving their salaries in cash due to the new restrictions.

2016-06-29 00:00:00

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