As Hamas Tunnels Back into Israel, Palestinians Are Afraid, Too

(New York Times) Diaa Hadid and Majd Al Waheidi - The Palestinians who live on the Gaza side of the border fence, like the Israelis a few miles away, also complain of hearing digging in the wee hours, and voice a parallel anxiety about the tunnels being rapidly rebuilt near their homes becoming targets for Israeli strikes. They are raising unusually harsh criticism of Hamas for putting people at risk. A woman from Beit Hanoun said she and her relatives have been jolted awake over the past year by trucks rolling by at night. Residents said they had heard thudding noises below a nearby shack that they think covers a tunnel entrance, but they were too afraid to ask the truck drivers or other men they see around the shack what was going on. Abu Mohammad, 29, said that the danger of nearby tunnels made him reluctant to rebuild. "I give it 99.5% that our house will be destroyed again," he said.

2016-05-23 00:00:00

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