In Whose Name Does Hamas Dig?

(Commentary) Jonathan S. Tobin - The independent Palestinian state in-all-but-name run by Hamas terrorists that exists in Gaza has lobbed thousands of rockets at Israeli towns and cities and has dug tunnels in order to facilitate cross-border kidnapping and murder raids. For those activists determined to help isolate Israel or to disassociate Americans and Jews from its measures of self-defense, why the silence about Gaza terror? In whose name does Hamas dig? After Israel's withdrawal from Gaza - the exact thing that Israel's critics have said they wanted - rather than being transformed into an incubator for peace and economic development, Gaza became a large terrorist base. The other curious result of Israel's Gaza withdrawal was that it had absolutely no impact on the Jewish state's critics. The overwhelming majority of Israelis see the Gaza experiment as proof that, in the absence of evidence that Palestinians want a peace that will end the conflict for all time, a similar withdrawal in the more strategic West Bank would be insane. Hamas' platform calls not merely for the destruction of Israel but also for the eviction of its Jewish population. Hamas sees Tel Aviv as being every bit as much of a Jewish "settlement" that needs to be dismantled the same way the communities that were left behind in Gaza in 2005 were taken apart.

2016-05-06 00:00:00

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