Israel: Palestinians Refuse Direct Negotiations

(Jerusalem Post) Dana Somberg - On May 30, dozens of foreign ministers will gather in Paris for a preliminary event leading up to an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit to take place in the summer. According to Danny Danon, Israel's Ambassador to the UN, "The Palestinians are doing everything in their power to prevent direct negotiations from taking place and instead are supporting initiatives that just push negotiations further out of reach. The Palestinians believe they will receive a better deal if Israel is not involved, if outsiders dictate to Israel what the outcome will be - and this is a mistake. They don't understand that we are right here and that at some point they will need to sit down together with us in the same room." "The Palestinians say that they have no interest in sitting down with the Israelis, and so we have not been able to discuss any matters with them....The Palestinians want to know in advance...what the outcome of the game will be."

2016-05-05 00:00:00

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