Why Is It Never the Terrorist's Fault?

(Israel Hayom) Judith Bergman - Not only do the parents of the Hamas terrorist who bombed the Jerusalem bus recently insist they had "no idea" their son had been involved with Hamas, they feel no remorse for his actions. "You Jews have to understand something: Abed al-Hamid did not come from a poor family; he came from an affluent one. He had his own car. A family with property and money...a cultured household - with manners, respect, education." Ironically, by emphasizing that the terrorist had come from a financially comfortable, "cultured" household, the parents inadvertently put to rest the idea that terrorists become terrorists out of poverty. What causes "a boy like ours to want to do such a thing?" It is unadulterated hatred of Jews, inculcated in children all over the Muslim world, along with the accompanying refusal to accept a Jewish state in Israel. It is about the Islamic injunction to perform jihad against infidels and the ethics stemming from that injunction. When Arabs massacred Jews in the Hebron pogrom in 1929 there was no "occupation" to "resist." There were just Jews to hate. Nothing has changed.

2016-04-27 00:00:00

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