The Meaning for Israel of Restored Saudi Sovereignty over Tiran and Sanafir Islands

(BESA Center-Bar-Ilan University) Col. (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman and Prof. Joshua Teitelbaum - The fact that Saudi Arabia has now undertaken to uphold in practice the obligations assumed by Egypt under its peace treaty with Israel means that Israel's place in the region is no longer perceived by Arab leader Saudi Arabia as an anomaly to be corrected. This is a far cry from normalization of Saudi relations with Israel, but it is nevertheless a welcome ray of light. Egypt took care to explain its decision to Israel and to allay any fears that this may have any effect on the freedom of navigation. The Saudis did so as well, according to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon. With the need to confront Iran high above all other considerations in the Saudi and Egyptian national security playbook - and in Israel's - any major step that helps bring together the "camp of stability" in the region under joint Egyptian-Saudi leadership will also serve Israel's interests. The writers are senior research associates at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies.

2016-04-18 00:00:00

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