Israel's Reservist Commandos

(Jerusalem Post) Yaakov Lappin - Soldiers of the first reserve unit of the recently established IDF Commando Brigade were training for the storming of a Lebanese village rife with Hizbullah gunmen. According to the drill's scenario, a helicopter had just dropped off the soldiers in the heart of Lebanese territory, and now they were on their own. "We are hunting rocket launchers," said Maj. A., the battalion commander. Fighting deep in enemy territory to destroy targets, and to gather intelligence, are core missions with which this battalion is familiar. All the soldiers are former members of the elite Maglan unit which specializes in operations against targets far beyond the front lines. The soldier-civilians serve 90 days of reserve duty annually and arrive for reserve duty without objections or questions. Col. Avi Bluth, commander of Brigade 551, said these soldiers "have been accepted for a special force. Their motivation is high. They feel a sense of mission....This is the force that the army will call up." Once injected into hostile areas, the battalion can split up into battle crews. "You can put them anywhere where they are needed, and they will be fine. The soldiers take all of the equipment they need with them, and can stay in the field for a long time," said Maj. A.

2016-04-08 00:00:00

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