Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal: Mr. Obama, We Are Not "Free Riders"

(Arab News-Saudi Arabia) No, Mr. Obama. We are not "free riders." We shared with you our intelligence that prevented deadly terrorist attacks on America. We initiated the meetings that led to the coalition that is fighting ISIS, and we train and fund the Syrian freedom fighters who fight the biggest terrorist, Bashar Assad. We initiated the support that is helping the Yemeni people reclaim their country from the murderous militia, the Houthis, who, with the support of the Iranian leadership, tried to occupy Yemen, without calling for American forces. We are the biggest contributors to the humanitarian relief efforts to help refugees from Syria, Yemen and Iraq. We are the sole funders of the UN Counter-terrorism Center. Now, you throw us a curve ball. You accuse us of fomenting sectarian strife in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. You add insult to injury by telling us to share our world with Iran, a country that you describe as a supporter of terrorism and which you promised our king to counter its "destabilizing activities." Have you pivoted to Iran so much that you equate the Kingdom's 80 years of constant friendship with America to an Iranian leadership that continues to describe America as the biggest enemy, that continues to arm, fund and support sectarian militias in the Arab and Muslim world, that continues to harbor and host al-Qaeda leaders, and that continues to prevent the election of a Lebanese president through Hizbullah? Prince Turki Al-Faisal served as director general of Saudi Arabia's intelligence agency, and as ambassador to Britain and the U.S.

2016-03-18 00:00:00

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