The Iran-Russia-Syria Alliance Is the Middle East's "Number One Problem"

(Daily Caller) Russ Read - James Jeffrey, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, told the Atlantic Council on Tuesday, "We have an Iran, Syria, Russia problem right now in the Middle East, that is the number one problem in the whole region. Considering we also have ISIS, that's saying a lot." The Iranian goal is to "unite all of the Shia with a combination of... diplomatic relations as a state and a political ideological movement as a party," Jeffrey noted. "Things have been shifting not in our direction," he added. In an op-ed for Ha'aretz, Ely Karmon of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism at IDC Herzliya wrote: "The longer the Russian military campaign in the region, the stronger the alliance with Iran and Hizbullah will become, and possibly with the Baghdad Shia regime."

2016-02-24 00:00:00

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