The Arab World's Steady March Backward

[New York Sun] Youssef Ibrahim - A new movie called "The Kingdom" reminds us of the scale of terror visited upon the world by Saudi Arabia's Islamist priesthood, its ruling family, its army, and many of its citizens. Based on actual events surrounding the June 1996 terror bombings that left 19 American servicemen dead and seriously injured 372 other expatriates at a residential complex near Dhahran, the film captures the shocking degree of jihadist penetration into Saudi life - particularly into the Saudi National Guard, an army branch personally commanded by King Abdullah. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, which represents the Islamists' most significant political opposition force, published its first detailed political program, a manifesto that sent Arab progressives into deep shock. Among its highlights: The revision of "every article" of Egypt's constitution in order to replace civil laws with Islamic sharia laws. It would restrict the presidency, the premiership, top army and police commands, and judicial posts to Muslim men. Should the program be adopted, it would dispossess the 9 million Egyptians who are Christians. There is no need to delve further into the entire 108-page document. If you've read Adolph Hitler's Mein Kampf, you have the idea.

2007-10-05 01:00:00

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