Raised in Egypt, Served in IDF

(Ynet News) Smadar Perry - Dina Ovadia, 22, was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. "My name was Rouleen Abdullah, and I went to a Muslim school," she told the IDF journal. When she was 15, "I was at home with my mother and brothers, and all of a sudden bearded thugs stormed into our apartment. They were Salafists, radical Muslims. They fired into the air and warned us to leave Egypt immediately....After they left, my grandfather sat us down, his three grandchildren, for a talk and told us we were Jewish. It was hard for me to comprehend this, because at school we were taught to hate the Jews." The family left Egypt in a hurry and found a home in Jerusalem. Ovadia joined the IDF and served in the IDF Spokesman's Unit. On Monday Egyptian TV personality Ahmed Moussa revealed that Egyptian prime minister Sherif Ismail had decided to revoke Ovadia's Egyptian citizenship.

2016-01-22 00:00:00

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