Israel Warns UN of Hizbullah's Role in Syria

(Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Amb. David Roet - Israel's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN David Roet told the UN Security Council on Tuesday: "We have all witnessed the struggle of the people of the Syrian town of Madaya, where 42,000 people have been taken hostage by Assad and his Hizbullah allies. The town and its people are under siege, surrounded by barbed wire, land mines and snipers. Left without basic access to food, men, women and children have been dying on a daily basis due to starvation and the harsh winter weather. They find themselves resorting to eating household pets and making soup out of grass....The use of starvation as a weapon of war is deplorable, and is a war crime." "Hizbullah, the enforcer of Iranian and Syrian the prime organization terrorizing the people of Madaya....Terrorizing civilian populations is part of Hizbullah's modus operandi. This is what they do. Israel has warned time and time again that letting Hizbullah's actions go unchecked will only result in more death, pain and suffering. Over the course of years, Hizbullah has been indiscriminately firing rockets towards heavily populated areas in Israel, while using the people of Southern Lebanon as human shields."

2016-01-21 00:00:00

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