Sweden and Israel: A History of Tense Relations

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Zvi Mazel - Under the leadership of the Social Democratic Party, the attacks on Israel in Sweden continue as if it is Enemy No. 1. In light of the generous welcome Sweden has accorded hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants over the past 40 years, the country now has a large Muslim minority comprising about 700,000 people. Sweden has a long history of anti-Israel policies, beginning with Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme in the 1960s. During the second intifada, as Palestinians blew up buses and restaurants, killing hundreds of Israelis, the Swedish government chose to castigate Israel and even gave a human rights prize to Palestinian spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi. The writer is a former Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Romania, and Egypt.

2015-12-15 00:00:00

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