Bumbling Iran Hackers Target Israelis, Saudis

(Times of Israel) David Shamah - An Iranian hacker group, the Rocket Kitten gang, that has been targeting Israeli and other Middle Eastern scientists and researchers for the past two years, gave itself away when it failed to take even minimal steps to protect itself, a report issued Monday by Israeli cyber-security firm Checkpoint said. 44% of the attacks were against targets in Saudi Arabia, while 14% were against Israeli targets. Checkpoint researchers located the evidence of who was attacked and when they were targeted in an openly accessible database. Checkpoint found clear evidence that the attacks originated in Iran and found a database listing the names of the members of the hacking crew - headed by Yaser Balaghi. In addition, the database included a list of nearly 2,000 targets - with their names, email addresses, and other information - targeted since August 2014.

2015-11-13 00:00:00

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