Expose the Criminal Regimes that Seek to Destroy the West

(Jerusalem Post) Daniel Doron - Israel's public diplomacy is usually defensive, focusing on our historical rights to the land and our legitimacy as a state - crucial issues, except that few care about them. Israel must bring the battle to its enemies, exposing their murderous nature, the danger they pose not only to Israel but mostly to world peace, nay, to the survival of the West and its values. It has to expose the criminal regimes that try to destroy it as dark and evil dictatorships that deny the human rights of their citizens, especially women, children and minorities. It must clarify that their wish to destroy the "small Satan" Israel is a prelude to destroying the "great Satan" America, representing Western culture and Christianity, which Islam is determined to vanquish. Secular Westerners are oblivious to the power of religious faith. They therefore overlook Iranian determination to have Shi'ite Islam vanquish Christianity and the West, even at immense cost to its people. The ayatollahs are true believers and they will do their utmost to first vanquish Sunni Islam. They could then lead a united Muslim jihad against the West. The PA is a clan-based coalition made up of murderous political gangs. It foments rage against Israel by incessant incitement that calls on even little children to kill Jews. Can granting it statehood bring about peace? The writer is the founder and director of the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress.

2015-10-23 00:00:00

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