German Jews Fear Backlash from Country's Welcome of Refugees

(JTA) Uriel Heilman - Many Jews are watching the wave of migrants flocking to Germany with some measure of alarm, concerned with what a massive influx of Arabs could mean for Germany's Jews and the country's relationship with Israel. They're worried that the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslims will turn Germany into a place hostile to Jewish concerns and to Israel - and that along with the migrants there are terrorist infiltrators who will try to realize their dreams of jihad on German soil. Germany's Jews number 200,000 in a country of 80 million. Their political influence is negligible. Jews aren't the only ones with deep reservations toward the migrants. Otto, a Berlin taxi driver, said, "Berlin is full of immigrants from Poland, Russia and Turkey. The Poles have integrated well, the Russians so-so and the Turks hardly at all. The Arabs will be even worse."

2015-09-25 00:00:00

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