An Iranian-Arab Alliance?

[Al-Ahram-Egypt] Ayman El-Amir - A new sense of Arab empowerment could shift the political and strategic balance in the region by reshaping alliances in such a way as to demonstrate to the U.S. that it is not the reigning regional power with Israel as proxy pro-consul. As the U.S. defeat in Iraq undermines its global influence, Iran's rising power will not be stymied by U.S. threats. Despite all U.S.-Israeli attempts to provoke a Shia-Sunni war, an Iranian-Arab alliance is the Middle East's last and best hope for balanced security, regional stability, and the elimination of foreign hegemony. The writer, a former correspondent for Al-Ahram in Washington, D.C., also served as director of UN Radio and Television in New York.

2007-05-04 01:00:00

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