Palestinian Views on Israel: Two States Now, One State Later

(Washington Institute for Near East Policy) David Pollock - Do most Palestinians hope for a small state of their own at peace with Israel, or do they still aspire to reclaim all of Palestine someday? According to a survey conducted by the Palestine Center for Public Opinion in the West Bank and Gaza from June 7 to 19, in the West Bank 81% of Palestinians say that all of historic Palestine "is Palestinian land and Jews have no rights to the land." In Gaza, the proportion is 88%. Only one-fourth of Palestinians in either the West Bank or Gaza expect Israel to "continue to exist as a Jewish state" in thirty to forty years. Given these attitudes, there is good reason to wonder if any "final status" agreement will ever truly be final. The writer is a Fellow at The Washington Institute.

2015-09-04 00:00:00

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