Palestinian Human Rights Campaigner Slams PA Leadership

(J-Wire-Australia) The founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group - Bassem Eid - told a group in Sydney, Australia, on Aug. 26 that the current Palestinian leadership is too old and corrupt. Eid criticized the Palestinians for running to the UN instead of continuing negotiations. He criticized the Hamas leadership for forcing people back into their houses in Beit Lahiya during the war in Gaza last summer and of using the population as human shields by digging tunnels under their houses. Eid accused Hamas of using the people to protect their missiles and rockets. He said Gazans were offered $50 per month to allow tunnels to be built under their homes. He urged Australians to approach their government for an accounting of how the $65 million given annually to the Palestinian Authority is spent. Eid said a majority of Palestinians did not support the BDS movement and claimed that 92,000 Arabs from the West Bank work in Israel each day.

2015-09-01 00:00:00

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