Arab Countries Forcing Palestinians Back into Syria

(Daily Beast) Nina Strochlic - Before its civil war, Syria was home to a large community of Palestinians. Now, as they flee the country, many Arab countries are forcibly deporting them back into hell. An estimated 70,000 Palestinians from Syria are living in neighboring countries, all of which except Turkey explicitly turn away Palestinians at the border. In Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt, hundreds of people have been caught and deported back into Syria. Most of the host countries have historical issues with Palestinian refugee populations - along with concerns that offering permanent resettlement would negate the right of return Arab countries have been fighting for since Israel's creation. "Leaders often talk about protecting the right of return, but fear of the destabilizing effects of absorbing another few hundred thousand Palestinians is the real culprit," said Adam Coogle, a Human Rights Watch researcher in Jordan.

2015-08-27 00:00:00

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