How Hizbullah Is Preparing for the Third Lebanon War

(Ynet News) Ronen Bergman - Hizbullah is speeding up its preparations for the third Lebanon war, and this time it has no intention of settling for firing rockets at Israel. Some in the Israeli intelligence community are now referring to "Hizbullah 3.0," which is gaining vast combat experience and new weapons in Syria - and is planning to use both in due course. "Hizbullah is Israel's most challenging enemy," says Col. (res.) Ronen Cohen, former director of the Terrorism Desk at IDF Military Intelligence and deputy head of MI's Research Division. Hizbullah has 80,000 to 100,000 missiles and rockets, all directed at Israel. In addition, it has greatly improved its UAVs and built a unit of "suicide" aircraft which can reach many areas in Israel and explode on selected targets. Moreover, said Cohen, Hizbullah's goal is a ground invasion with an entry of many commando and antitank teams deep into the Upper and Western Galilee. "The fighting teams will use explosive devices and antitank missiles like the Kornet, which reaches an efficient range of 5 km. during the day and 3 km. at night. Through these ranges, they will be able to control vehicles on the Lower Galilee's roads...not to mention the Acre-Safed road, the roads going up the Galilee panhandle, etc." "It's enough for Hizbullah cells to deploy in the area, hide for a while and hit vehicles and meeting points of the fighting forces preparing to enter Lebanon, in order to deeply sabotage any IDF plan of action."

2015-07-24 00:00:00

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