Israel: Economic Boost from Nuke Deal Will Strengthen Iranian Regime

(Ynet News) Itamar Eichner - Many Iranians rushed onto the streets of Tehran on Tuesday to celebrate what they see as a great victory, as officials in Jerusalem warned that the agreement will preserve Iran's nuclear capabilities, while making effective supervision very difficult. An Israeli government official said Tuesday that Iran will receive $500-700 billion over the next 15 years that will consolidate the ayatollahs' rule. "Iran can use the money within Iran itself to enforce its uncompromising rule. The money will not serve human rights or economic development....It will not lead to the government being replaced, but rather the opposite. The regime will only be strengthened. The economic boost that Iran will get will be used mainly to consolidate its aggressive and terrorist capacity in the area." "Just this Friday [Iran] called for our destruction. They must be taken seriously," the official said. "This is a nation determined to establish a foothold in our region through ongoing terrorism. Until now, there have been economic limits to its activity outside Iran."

2015-07-15 00:00:00

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