Give the Mullahs Ballistic Missiles?

(Daily Beast) Andrew J. Bowen - Lifting the arms embargo on Tehran would be a major capitulation to Iran and one that directly threatens U.S. national security. Iranian ballistic missiles outfitted with Russian or Chinese quality precision-guidance munitions could be devastating for U.S. and GCC naval and air bases. Matthew McInnis, a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a former senior expert on Iran at CENTCOM, argues, "Iran is even attempting to develop ballistic missiles to hit U.S. aircraft carriers from hundreds of miles offshore. With more Chinese help it could finally accomplish this goal." Greater access to advanced missiles, artillery, and combat vehicles could empower a range of Iranian proxy forces - from Lebanese Hizbullah to the Syrian National Defense Forces (a sectarian paramilitary organization tantamount to Iran's Basij) to Palestinian Hamas. The writer is a Senior Fellow and Director of Middle East Studies at the Center for the National Interest.

2015-07-14 00:00:00

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