If Hamas Is Allowed to Wage Warfare through International Courts, Islamic State Will Be Next

(International Business Times-UK) Yiftah Curiel - Islamic State has no compunction about accusing the coalition of waging war directly on the Iraqi people. Imagine that IS hired lawyers to produce a report accusing the UK and the coalition of war crimes. Imagine that IS then presented such a report to the International Criminal Court (ICC). This scenario would make a mockery of international institutions, turning them into weapons against democracies trying to defend themselves from terror. But what seems like a ludicrous suggestion is actually happening with regard to Hamas and Israel, with Hamas representatives actively participating in and supporting legal proceedings in The Hague, calling for the prosecution of Israel for war crimes. Any democracy confronting the threat of terrorism should be wary of this campaign. When the instruments of law and justice become weapons in the hands of terrorist groups, the security of the family of nations is at stake. The writer is spokesman for the Israeli embassy in London.

2015-07-10 00:00:00

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