United Church of Christ Votes to Boycott Israeli Companies in West Bank

(Religion News Service-Washington Post) Lauren Markoe - The United Church of Christ voted by 508-124 on Tuesday to boycott products of Israeli companies based in the West Bank. Similar resolutions are being considered by the Episcopal Church and the Mennonite Church. Mainstream Jewish groups overwhelmingly blast such resolutions as one-sided and oblivious to Palestinians' willingness to resort to terrorism. "The UCC's one-sided view of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process singles out Israel and, shockingly, ignores any Palestinian accountability," said Rabbi Noam Marans, the American Jewish Committee's director of interreligious and intergroup relations. "Blatantly absent from the 2015 UCC resolutions is any mention of Hamas, the terrorist group that still controls Gaza and instigated last summer's war with Israel by firing thousands of rockets and missiles and building an extensive tunnel network to infiltrate Israel to harm and kill Israeli civilians."

2015-07-01 00:00:00

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