Ignoring the Tehran-Terror Connection

(Wall Street Journal) Robert M. Morgenthau - The nuclear agreement with Iran doesn't address the Islamic Republic's continuing support of terrorism. Any deal that fails to hold Iran accountable for its criminal and terrorist conduct, past and present, will fail to curtail such conduct in the future. The sanctions on Iran were designed not only to curtail Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons, but also to curtail its support of terrorist organizations, human-rights abuses and the development of ballistic missiles. Iran is the primary source of funding for Hizbullah, Hamas and other terrorist organizations. During the war in Iraq, Tehran provided IEDs to insurgents to kill American troops. Today the Islamic Republic supports the Taliban as the U.S. attempts to withdraw from Afghanistan. Tehran also has growing influence in several South American countries, including Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador and Bolivia. Any deal that fails to address or curtail Iran's role as a state sponsor of terrorism - and that actually undercuts our ability to confront that threat - is a deal that we must not make. The writer was Manhattan district attorney from 1975 to 2009.

2015-06-26 00:00:00

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