Steinitz: U.S. Report on Iran Terrorism Should End Delusions about Nuclear Program

(Maariv Hashavua-Jerusalem Post) Dana Somberg - The U.S. State Department report released on Friday detailing Iran's continued sponsorship of international terrorism proves that Tehran cannot be trusted to curb its nuclear program, National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Saturday. He said the report's conclusions "dealt a death knell" to "the American delusion, according to which an easing of sanctions as part of an interim nuclear treaty would lead to a moderation of its position. That's why the report should serve as a warning sign for anyone who thinks Iran will moderate its behavior after a final-status nuclear treaty." The report faults Tehran for continuing to fund proxy organizations throughout the Middle East - namely Hizbullah and Hamas - during 2014 and for expanding its foreign operations in Africa, Asia and South America. The report also notes that "Iran has historically provided weapons, training, and funding to Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups....These Palestinian terrorist groups have been behind a number of deaths from attacks originating in Gaza and the West Bank." In 2014, "militants from Gaza also infiltrated Israeli territory using tunnels in six separate attacks and, for the first time, by a sea-borne operation."

2015-06-22 00:00:00

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