How the IDF Watches a Thousand Boats and Knows Which Belong to Hizbullah

(Walla-Hebrew) Amir Buhbut - Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has been threatening to conquer territory inside Israel for the past two years. In a recent interview, he discusses his plans, including landings on the beaches of Hadera and Netanya. According to intelligence from reliable sources, Hizbullah is building forces and acquiring weapons to threaten IDF forces at sea. The IDF is preparing for scenarios involving frogmen, jet skis, speedboats, unmanned boats, booby-trapped boats, and even kamikaze UAVs. Dr. Shimon Shapira, a former senior IDF intelligence officer and today a senior research fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, recalled this week the start of Hizbullah's naval forces: "Frogmen began training in Beirut Harbor under the supervision of Iranian officers, especially on how to attach mines to the naval ships that were enforcing a blockade on Lebanon. Later they went to Iran for exercises and to practice long-distance swimming and landing on Israeli beaches." In 2006, during the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah fired a C-802 missile that struck the Hanit, killing four sailors and nearly sinking the Israeli ship. In response, the Israel Navy has invested in advanced intelligence gathering and control measures.

2015-05-18 00:00:00

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