"International Community Should Criminalize Double Standards Against Israel as Anti-Semitism"

(Jerusalem Post) Sam Sokol - The international community should criminalize anti-Semitism and establish a multilateral body to monitor it, former Ministry of Foreign Affairs legal adviser Amb. Alan Baker asserted on Monday in the text of a draft international convention. In 2013, Baker drafted a similar document banning inciting terrorism, which was promoted at the UN. According to Baker, any manifestation of anti-Semitism that results in violence or is meant to incite violence should be considered a crime under international law. He defined anti-Semitism as including Holocaust denial; expressions of hostility or demonstrations of violence toward Jews individually or as a religious, ethnic or racial collective; and the use of "sinister stereotypes" and conspiracy theories "charging Jews with conspiring to harm humanity" and justifying the killing or harming of Jews.

2015-05-13 00:00:00

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