The Limits of Saudi-Israeli Convergence

(Institute for National Security Studies) Mark A. Heller - Saudi Arabia is increasingly apprehensive about Iran, increasingly distrustful of the Obama administration's ability or willingness to contain Iran's hegemonial ambitions, and increasingly bent on confronting Iran itself - with or without American approval. The most plausible explanation for more forward-leaning Saudi behavior is the conviction, cemented by the course of nuclear negotiations with Iran, that America is determined to reach a broad accommodation with Iran, apparently extending to other regional issues, as well. Israel also sees Iran as its most dangerous adversary, and also has serious doubts whether the U.S. is still a reliable reed on which to lean. It may well be the case that convergent threat assessments do facilitate some covert contact between the security echelons of Israel and some of the Arab states concerned about the shadow of Iranian hegemony, and the potential may exist for expanded ties. But while Iran is feared and loathed in many Sunni Arab countries, Israel, though perhaps less feared, is no less loathed. The writer is Principal Research Associate at INSS and editor of its Strategic Assessment.

2015-05-12 00:00:00

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