Resentment of Hizbullah Seen in Syria

(New York Times) Anne Barnard - The erosion of the Syrian army is forcing the government to rely more heavily on Hizbullah, which now leads or even directs the fight in many places, angering some Syrian officers. "Every area where there is Hizbullah, the command is in their hands," said a Syrian with security connections. "You do something, you have to ask their permission." There is also simple jealousy. Hizbullah fighters are paid in dollars, while Syrian soldiers get depreciating Syrian pounds. Hizbullah fighters get new cars and meat with rice, while Syrian soldiers make do with dented Russian trucks and stale bread, said one Syrian soldier. Hizbullah now has about 5,000 fighters and advisers in Syria, American intelligence officials said.

2015-04-30 00:00:00

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