Where Is the Palestinian Sadat?

(Times of Israel) Rabbi Abraham Cooper - The continued terrorism and genocidal hate of Hamas and the celebration by leaders of the Palestinian Authority of terrorist murderers of Jews leaves many Israelis believing that Mahmoud Abbas has neither the inclination nor the ability to reach a final settlement. However much the U.S. administration and the EU want to push a quick peace deal, even a Herzog-led [Israeli government] coalition would need a Palestinian partner ready to tell his constituents in Arabic that their Jewish neighbors are there to stay and that they too have every right to be in the Holy Land. In other words, any "two-state solution" awaits a Palestinian Sadat. For now, none is on the horizon. The trial balloon floated about possible U.S. backing for a UN Security resolution that would force a shotgun marriage between Jerusalem and Ramallah is a non-starter. Such a move will only backfire, emboldening Hamas and Hizbullah to ramp up terror attacks against a Jewish state that may no longer have the U.S. in its corner. Israelis know that if and when a viable partner emerges from the Palestinian camp, any elected prime minister would rush to the table in a flash. If the Obama administration really wants to impact on Israelis, denouncing the democratic results decided upon by the Israeli electorate is not the way to go. The writer is associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

2015-04-03 00:00:00

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