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[New York Post] Israeli UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman - Ambassador Gillerman told the UN Security Council Friday: Hizballah terrorists operating in southern Lebanon on Wednesday unleashed a sudden and unprovoked attack into Israeli territory. Scores of Katyusha rockets rained down on Israeli towns and villages, causing many civilian casualties. In the midst of this horrific assault, Hizballah terrorists infiltrated Israel, killing a number of soldiers and kidnapping two more, who were taken deep into the terrorist stronghold of Lebanon. Israel had no choice but to react, as would any other responsible democratic government. Having shown unparalleled restraint for six years while bearing the brunt of countless attacks, Israel had to respond to this absolutely unprovoked assault whose scale and depth was unprecedented. Israel's actions were in direct response to an act of war from Lebanon. Although Israel holds the government of Lebanon responsible, it is concentrating its response carefully, mainly on Hizballah strongholds, positions, and infrastructure. The hundreds of Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon in the last few days demonstrate the magnitude of the immense arsenal of rockets and weapons that Hizballah has amassed over the last few years. Many of the long-range missiles fired into Israel in recent days were Iranian missiles, made by the same regime that is now trying to possess nuclear weapons - the same regime that is funding Hizballah to the sum of $100 million a year. While Hizballah executes this vicious terrorism, it is only the finger on the bloodstained, long-reaching arms of Syria and Iran. Hizballah, together with Hamas, Syria and Iran, comprise the world's new and ominous Axis of Terror.

2006-07-16 01:00:00

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