The Impact of Iran Sanctions Relief

(Quartz-Defense One) Bobby Ghosh - There is little to suggest that the Iranian regime intends to spend the resulting windfall from sanctions relief on making life better for ordinary citizens. It is a safe bet that those closest to the regime, like the Revolutionary Guard, will take the largest share of any windfall. A great deal of the fresh money will also go to expanding Iran's ambitions in its neighborhood. Proxy groups like Lebanon's Hizbullah, Gaza's Hamas and Yemen's Houthis will all receive larger injections of money and weapons with which to further destabilize their countries. Expect more Iranian money to flow to Syria's Bashar Assad and into Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Shia minorities face Sunni persecution. If there's money left over, some of it will go to buying the Revolutionary Guards a new arsenal of conventional weapons.

2015-03-31 00:00:00

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