How Hizbullah and Hamas Exploit the Internet in the Battle for Hearts and Minds

[Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] Reuven Erlich - Hizbullah and Hamas are Islamic terrorist organizations which make extensive use of the media, especially television and the Internet, in the battle for hearts and minds. The Internet is also used for maintaining operational links between the organizations' headquarters, and the operational networks and target audiences; for collecting intelligence regarding targets; for acquiring operational knowhow such as making explosives and constructing rockets; and for collecting donations. The U.S., France and other European countries placed restrictions on the satellite broadcasts of Al-Manar TV, the Hizbullah channel. But by using the Internet, Hizbullah and Hamas, like al-Qaeda and the global jihad organizations, can evade with relative ease the difficulties placed in their paths by various governments. The Internet enables the almost completely unhampered dissemination of radical Islamic ideology.

2007-08-03 01:00:00

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