Netanyahu Owes Win to Jitters over Iran, Says Gulf Official

(Reuters) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu owes his election win to Israeli security fears, notably about Iran's growing regional influence, said an official of a Gulf Arab government wary of Tehran's progress towards a nuclear deal with world powers. Gulf Arabs identified with Israel's fear of Iran's influence, suggested Sami al-Faraj, a Kuwaiti security adviser to the Gulf Cooperation Council. "Without any sense of collusion with Israel, there is a feeling of affinity in the Gulf with Israel's stance on curbing the influence of Iran in the area." He said the Iranian nuclear talks were "really scary" for Gulf Arab states, which are unnerved by Iran's backing for Shi'ite forces in conflicts in Iraq and Syria and its alliances with Lebanon's Hizbullah and Yemen's Houthi militia.

2015-03-18 00:00:00

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