Iran, Hizbullah Gain Foothold in Golan Heights

(Daily Star-Lebanon) Nicholas Blanford - Allowing Iran and Hizbullah to gain a stronger foothold in the Golan is one of the goals of the current offensive underway in southern Syria. Combat operations are being directed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp with much of the attacking force composed of IRGC soldiers, Hizbullah fighters and Shiite auxiliary forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Abu Ali, a veteran Hizbullah fighter who has served multiple tours in Syria, confirmed IRGC leadership of the southern Syria offensive and that Iranian troops were involved. "Iran will be so close to the Israelis that it will no longer need long-range missiles to hit them," Abu Ali said. "The Golan is going to be a new front line." He added that tunnel and bunker construction in the Golan has been underway for a year. He said Iranian Gen. Mohammad Allahdadi, killed in January, was conducting an inspection tour of the new facilities when he was killed by Israeli drones.

2015-03-13 00:00:00

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