Egypt Shifts Forces from Sinai to Libyan Front to Combat Islamic State

(Times of Israel) Egypt has scaled back its military presence in the Sinai Peninsula, redeploying troops to its western border with Libya in a bid to combat Islamic State fighters. Israeli security officials warned Thursday that the reduced Egyptian military presence in northern Sinai might enable terrorist groups to carry out attacks against Israel. "Egypt is operating according to its priorities, and at this point sees the porous Libyan border as a more significant threat. This is a territory over 1,000 km. long, on the other side of which Islamic State operatives are running amok, murdering Egyptian citizens," a security official told the Israeli Walla news site. The "redeployment of Egypt's special forces from the Sinai to the Libyan border will weaken the Egyptian pressure on terrorist groups that may act against Israel."

2015-03-06 00:00:00

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