"Don't Limit Disinvestment to Iran's Energy Sector"

[American Enterprise Institute] Sen. Jon Kyl - Sen. Jon Kyl said Friday: "Through a careful strategy of disinvestment, smart sanctions and asset freezing, international trade limits, and better targeting of Iran's leaders, we can follow up on the existing discontent on the [Iranian] street. The eventual result could be regime change; nearer term, pressure could cause policy shifts with the existing regime." "Disinvestment, to work, must be broadly applied....While it is true that Iran's energy sector is ripe for targeting, money is fungible. Any investment in Iran will free up capital that Ahmadinejad can use to stay in power and invest in pursuits such as developing more advanced ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. I believe we must therefore target total disinvestment from Iran, as well as other state sponsors of terror: Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba. For public sector holdings, this means divesting from all companies that choose to do business with terror sponsoring states. At the same time, this means revealing publicly which companies are doing business in countries like Iran, making them answer to the public for providing investments that fuel terrorism."

2007-07-31 01:00:00

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