The U.S. Has Basically Agreed to Iran Becoming a Nuclear Threshold State

(Ynet News) Alex Fishman - The Iranians have no intention of giving up their nuclear ability. The leaks about remarkable progress and gap bridging originate in Tehran and are designed to exert a bit more pressure on the American administration: Look how close we are. You've anyway lost your shirt, so put a bit more effort into it. The American president is making a huge effort to convince the Iranians to sign. But he has already put all the cards on the table. The Iranians have hardly budged while the Americans have reached the limit of concessions. The Americans have agreed that Iran will continue to hold onto the major part of the centrifuges, but are demanding that the West will control the uranium enrichment products. That means that the U.S. has basically agreed that Iran will become a nuclear threshold state, only the supervision will be tighter in the first years. The moment the Iranians decide to seize the opportunity, they will break through with a bomb very quickly. England, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and especially France, are unhappy with the agreement that is taking shape.

2015-02-09 00:00:00

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