Suicide Bombers in Iraq Trained in Syria

[Financial Times-UK] Daniel Dombey - Dozens of al-Qaeda suicide bombers from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Sudan are crossing into Iraq from Syria every month, a senior U.S. official said Tuesday. The official said that 75-80% of the estimated 75 suicide bombings a month were carried out by foreigners, with the vast majority of suicide bombers coming across the border from Syria. They receive training for their task within Syria as well as inside Iraq itself. The U.S. says outside actors - chiefly Syria and Iran - are still one of the biggest factors determining the level of violence in Iraq. "We have been wholly unsuccessful in affecting Syrian behavior with regard to the passage of these elements," the official said, adding that the countries of the region wanted to isolate Syria further.

2007-01-31 01:00:00

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