Hizbullah's Global Intelligence War with Israel's Mossad

(NOW-Lebanon) Ana Maria Luca - After Israel's Mossad alerted Peruvian intelligence, on Oct. 28, 2014, Peruvian police raided an apartment in Lima and arrested Mohammad Ghaleb Hamdar, 29, a Lebanese Hizbullah agent with a passport from Sierra Leone who had explosive devices and traces of nitroglycerine in his apartment. On his personal computer they found over 200 photos of strategic objectives in Lima: the airport, metal detectors, banks, police stations, the Peruvian Ministry of Finance, as well as private security at some public institutions, tourist attractions and hotels that had the Israeli flag hoisted out front. During his interrogation, Hamdar admitted he was a Hizbullah member, hired in Beirut, given a fake identity and "advised" to marry his Peruvian sweetheart in order to obtain residency documents in Peru. Hamdar's story resembles that of Houssam Taleb Yaacoub, a Swedish-Lebanese who was arrested in Larnaca in 2012, who also confessed to the police that he was a scout and a courier for Hizbullah. Yaacoub used his Swedish passport to travel across Europe, deliver mysterious packages without checking their content, and canvas security locations and Israeli tourist hang-outs in Cyprus and Turkey.

2015-01-06 00:00:00

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