The Palestinians' UN Charade Collapses

(Commentary) Jonathan S. Tobin - After weeks of pointless negotiations over proposed texts, including a compromise endorsed by the French and other European nations, the wording of the proposed UN Security Council resolution endorsing a Palestinian state was so outrageous that President Obama couldn't even think about letting it pass because it would undermine his own policies. And the rest of the international community is just as unenthusiastic about it. The world wants to do something for the Palestinians, but their leaders are more interested in pointless shows than in actually negotiating peace or doing something to improve the lives of their people. The resolution that was presented to the Security Council was so extreme that it will almost certainly languish indefinitely without a vote. The terms it put forward were of Israeli surrender and nothing more. The Jewish state would be given one year to withdraw from all of the territory it won in a defensive war of survival in 1967. The Palestinian state would not be demilitarized, nor would there be any guarantees of security for Israel, which would not be granted mutual recognition as the nation state of the Jewish people.

2014-12-19 00:00:00

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