Israel Decries "Unfounded" Amnesty International Gaza Report

(Times of Israel) Stuart Winer - Israel on Tuesday deplored an Amnesty International report accusing it of war crimes during the summer conflict in Gaza. The Foreign Ministry said the group offered "a decontextualized description of events, while relying heavily on testimonies gathered by unnamed local 'fieldworkers,' who are not identified and whose credibility is never questioned." The ministry said the report failed to "investigate the systematic and deliberate firing of rockets and mortars at Israel's civilian population by an internationally-recognized jihadist terror group." The Foreign Ministry noted safety measures the IDF employed to avoid civilian causalities that were "unprecedented in modern warfare." "The IDF does not intentionally target civilians or civilian property; its activity is dictated by international law, is directed against military objectives, and abides by the principle of proportionality."

2014-12-10 00:00:00

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