Beware of the Iran-Sudan Partnership

(National Interest) Laura Grossman - A leaked document from the minutes of Sudan's Joint Military and Security Committee meeting held on August 31 reveals ongoing Iranian involvement in Sudan's security structures. According to Minister of Defense General Abd al-Rahim Mohammed Hussein, "there is one full battalion of the [Iranian] Republican Guards...and other experts who are constructing interception and spying bases in order to protect us, plus an advanced air defense system." "They built for us Kenana and Jebel Awliya Air Force bases. One month ago they transported to us missile launchers and their rockets using civil aviation planes. We stored them in Kenana and sold part of them to Qatar to support Libya fighters after they were subjected to attacks by the Egyptian and Emirates air forces." The writer is deputy director for research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

2014-11-25 00:00:00

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