The Economist Is Wrong

[Ynet News] Sever Plocker - "Israel's Wasted Victory" is the headline of The Economist's editorial marking 40 years since the Six-Day War. Nonetheless, in describing the war as "a calamity for the Jewish state no less than for its neighbors," The Economist is making a grave mistake. The Six-Day War changed the course of history for the better, ensured Israel's existence, and convinced the Arabs to come to terms with it. Thanks to Israel's full and shining victory, the rulers of the Arab states relinquished their vision of eliminating Israel. The Economist writes, "When, decades later, Egypt and Jordan did make peace with Israel, the Palestinians did not recover Gaza and the West Bank." The Palestinians did not recover Gaza and the West Bank? Until 1967, Gaza and the West Bank were territories administered by Egypt and Jordan. It may well be assumed that the Jordanian regime would not have permitted Palestinian refugees, their children and grandchildren to realize their national sovereignty in Gaza and the West Bank and to establish the Palestinian state there. Had the Palestinians really wanted a state of their own it would have been established long ago. Yet the Palestinians prefer a state of "no state," no responsibility, no commitments and no solution, alongside ongoing terror.

2007-05-30 01:00:00

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